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The Latimer Mercy

The Latimer Mercy


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Description for THE LATIMER MERCY by Robert Richardson:

Playwright Augustus Maltravers came to the English cathedral town of Vercaster for the Arts Festival---not to play detective. But he found himself cast in that role when someone irreverently stole the Latimer Mercy, a rare Bible, from the cathedral itself. Looking for the Gospel truth soon had Maltravers merrily snooping into sacristies and peeping into parishioner's closets, never suspecting that what turned up would be murder.

But beautiful actress Diana Porter had disappeared during a nearby garden party, and a severed hand tacked to the parish-house door convinced Maltravers the missing movie star was dead---though perhaps not buried. Who would want to kill this remarkable girl? And why have the clergy been drawn into such an unlikely event? For all evil---those dark places in the human heart...

This is #1 In Augustus Maltravers Series.

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