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The Lazarus Child

The Lazarus Child


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Description for THE LAZARUS CHILD by Robert Mawson:

Jack and Alison Heywood suffer every parent's worst nightmare. Their two children are involved in a road accident which leaves one in a coma and the other traumatized by guilt. Their only hope is an experimental clinic in America run by the brilliant but dangerously unconventional Lizzie Chase.

It takes just an instant for a family's life to be changed forever. Now seven-year-old Frankie Heywood lies in a coma. The experts are telling her parents there is no hope. Their son is slipping away emotionally. And the Heywoods--their marriage already strained to the breaking point--are desperate. They have one last chance.Dr. Elizabeth Chase is a brilliant neurologist who has dedicated her life to coaxing children back from the darkness. Her work is unconventional, controversial--and some say illegal. But the Heywoods have put their trust in her. They are convinced their daughter is waiting just beyond their reach. And they believe Dr. Chase is the miracle worker who can throw Frankie the lifeline that will lead their child back to them. But not even miracles occur without a price.

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