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The Lioness And The Lily

The Lioness And The Lily

Author: Barbara Cartland

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 155

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Description for THE LIONESS AND THE LILY by Barbara Cartland:

The Earl of Rockbrook felt Purilla quiver, and he was aware that her heart was beating frantically.

"I... called to... you 'and... prayed for you to... come and... rescue me."

"I heard you," he said. "I could feel you beside me, and I knew you were in danger."

Purilla raised her face to look at him in a puzzled manner and he said very softly:

"You spoke to me with love, and I listened with love. That is why I was able to save you." As he spoke he pulled her nearer still.

"Y... you... love me?"

He was very gentle and as his lips touched hers he felt they were like the petals of a lily, and just as lovely.

His lips became more possessive, more insistent, and he knew Purilla responded not only with her body, but with her heart and soul.

"I love you!" he said. "And I will love you from now until eternity, and perhaps in a million lives that will come after this one."

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