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The Lose Weight Naturally Cookbook

The Lose Weight Naturally Cookbook


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Description for THE LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY COOKBOOK by Sharon Claessens and the Rodale Food Center:

Why fuss with calorie counts? Let THE LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY COOKBOOK do it for you! The three-star Weight Loss recipes---those lowest in calories---are the all natural, fresh and nutritious dishes you're bound to love eating when you start out on your weight-loss quest. As you reach your goal and even retain it, you'll want to switch to the two-star Maintenance dishes---those slightly higher in calories. And for those occasions when you feel the urge for something special at "any" time during your weight-loss program, you'll want to turn to the one-star Treat Yourself Thin dishes, those extra-special goodies specially created within a calorie range that won't spell disaster for all your efforts.

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