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The Lynmara Legacy

The Lynmara Legacy


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Description for THE LYNMARA LEGACY by Catherine Gaskin:

From the day she turned sixteen and discovered the secret of her mother's past, Nicole Rainard's life was inextricably bound to a country and a house. The country was England. The house --Lynmara.

Almost against her will, life seemed to draw Nicole there: from the poverty of Brooklyn in the 1930s, to an education in Paris, through the glamour of a London debut before the War, and a return to America to marry the one man she could not live without. Yet it was her love for this man that brought Nicole back to serve England during the war years, and ultimately claim the heritage that was always hers--Lynmara....

THE LYNMARA LEGACY--a rich, romantic tale of life among the wealthy and titled English during the 1930s and World War II.

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