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The Maine Mutiny (Murder, She Wrote 23)

The Maine Mutiny (Murder, She Wrote 23)


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Description for THE MAIN MUTINY (MURDER, SHE WROTE 23) by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain:


Cabot Cove, Maine, is a quiet little community--perhaps too quiet. Although the town profits from the lobster trade, tourists avoid the Main Street shopping district. The First Annual Cabot Cove Lobster Festival promises to change all that, with a three-day celebration featuring a crafts fair, a beauty pageant, and a feast provided by the town's lobstermen. Mystery author Jessica Fletcher will also contribute to the affair by penning a feature article about the lobstermen for the local newspaper.

But Jessica finds that the lobstermen are a tight-lipped group when it comes to their business. Their arrangement with the town to provide enough lobsters for the festival has caused dissension in their ranks. And when Jessica discovers one of them murdered, she must outwit a killer before she becomes the next catch of the day....

This is #23 in Murder, She Wrote series.

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