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The Making Of The President 1972

The Making Of The President 1972


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Description for THE MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT 1972 by Theodore H White:

In THE MAKING OF THE PRESDIENT 1972, 4th volume of a history of American politics in action, Theodore H. White brings his defining quartet of campaign narratives to a surprising close. A consummate journalist, he chronicles both the Democratic & Republican parties as they jockeyed for position toward the end of Richard M. Nixon's turbulent 1st term. He illuminates the cinematic moments that shaped the campaign--the attempt on George Wallace's life, Edmund Muskie crying in the New Hampshire snow, the swift rise & fall of Tom Eagleton, & the ongoing anguish of Vietnam--leading inexorably to a 2nd chaotic collapse among Democrats & a landslide victory for Nixon. Yet even as the president's highest ambitions were confirmed, White watches aghast as the "new Nixon" of 1968 is eclipsed by the corrupt Nixon of old--a Shakespearean conclusion to an astonishing political epoch.

The end of the Postwar world

The solitary man

The road to Cedar point: From the liberal idea to the liberal theology

The view from Key Biscayne: Blue collars & bread & butter

The Democratic primaries: A party in search of identity

McGovern's army

The web of numbers: A message from the census to politics-

Confrontation at Miami

The Eagleton affair

Richard Nixon's campaign: "Out there"

Power struggle: President versus press

The Watergate affair

The shaping of the mandate: Men & machinery

Appeal to the people: Verdict in November

Temptation of power

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