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The Man Who Loved God

The Man Who Loved God


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Description for THE MAN WHO LOVED GOD by William X Kienzle:

"What if he were killed? What if someone killed him? She shuddered. But . . . it would go a long way to solving her problem. She wondered idly if such a thing could be . . . arranged?"

An unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. The grand opening of a branch bank in a dangerous part of town. A vacation for Father Robert Koesler. Half-brothers who have never met, one a visiting priest, the other a hometown cop. A dinner party with unsuspecting guests. A philanthropic bank president described as a man who love God. And that's just the beginning of the intrigue in William X. Kienzle's nineteenth murder mystery.

If you're not familiar with Kienzle's mysteries, his mysteries typically are solved by Father Robert Koesler, who is often called in by the local police to help with cases that involve Catholic motivation and dogma.

In THE MAN WHO LOVED GOD, things are different. Father Koesler goes on vacation, leaving his parish and the sleuthing to the visiting Father Zachary Tully. During Koesler's absence, a bank manager is killed in an apparent hold-up. Father Tully, who has come to Detroit to meet the half-brother he never knew he had, Lieutenant Zoo Tully, is drawn into the investigation. As the story unfolds, the possibility is raised that Father Koesler may turn his mantle over to another priest.

The plot has twists and turns to keep you guessing. And what about that bank president, the book's namesake, the man who loves God? Well, he's no angel.

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