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The Man Who Whispered

The Man Who Whispered


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Description for THE MAN WHO WHISPERED by Rick Boyer:

Convicted drug smuggler Christos Ramos once made headlines for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of his buried cache. Now sixty and nearing death, he wants to come clean. But his last whispered words to Doc Adams leave much to the imagination: "The keys to the kingdom . . . third row on the left . . . look out for Claudia . . . anything you can find is yours . . . and . . . watch out for those headhunters--and their damn . . . red . . . frogs."

Are these the ramblings of a delirious old man, or genuine clues to a clever puzzle? For Doc, each road toward an answer gets successively more sinister. Especially when he receives a threatening phone call from a stranger with an all-too-clear message: Drop dead, Doc. . . .

This is #9 in A Doc Adams Mystery.

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