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The Maverick Marriage

The Maverick Marriage


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Description for THE MAVERICK MARRIAGE by Cathy Gillen Thacker:

With Only Forty-Eight Hours To Lasso Their Mates-It's A Stampede To The Altar!

He had power, success, his two sons-but no woman. So when Trace McKendrick found out Uncle Max had arranged for him to be reunited with his long-lost bride and longtime love, he didn't know if he should thank the old coot in the great beyond-or curse him!

Susannah Hart had devastated Trace when she walked out on him. But now, after separate marriages and a couple of kids each, she nearly destroyed him. Because Trace only had to do basic math to figure out that one of Susannah's boys was also his...

American American Romance #633, June, 1996.

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