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The Mayflower Project

The Mayflower Project


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Description for THE MAYFLOWER PROJECT by K A Applegate:

From K.A. Applegate, best-selling author of Animorphs and Everworld, comes a dark and powerful new series that begins with the end of Earth as we know it. The end of the world. Not something most people really think about. Not something we expect to ever really happen. But what if you found out that an asteroid the size of New Jersey was about to collide with the earth? What would you do? That??s what Jobs is asking himself. The question he asked his family. And he certainly didn??t expect the answer he got. He didn??t expect that in a very short time he and his family would be a few of the lucky ones selected to board a revamped space shuttle. What happens when they get to where they??re going?Ç?if they make it there at all?

This is #1 in Remnants series.

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