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The Mound People

The Mound People


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Description for THE MOUND PEOPLE: DANISH BRONZE-AGE MAN PRESERVED by P V Glob and translated from the Danish by Joan Bulman:

A servant sacrificed at is master's burial, a mini-skirted princess, tools used by grave robbers of the period, rock carvings graphically representing Bronze-Age notions about sex and fertility---these are discovered under the 3,000-year-old burial mounds that dominate the Danish landscape. The remarkably preserved contents of the graves first came to light nearly two centuries ago, Mr. Glob's entertaining account of the subsequent excavations and of the strikingly illustrated with photographs of the landscape, the grave, and the gravegoods.

The Mound People, like the Bog People, have preserved up to the present day by the tanning action of the bog water that surrounded the mounds. Unlike their Iron-Age kin, the Mound People were aristocrats buried fully clothed in heavy oak coffins and amply supplied with ornaments and weapons of gold and bronze. combining his usual flair for anecdote with impeccable archaeological detail, Mr. Glob describes the findings and weaves from them the colorful story of a prosperous society that flourished in northern Europe 1200 years before Christ.

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