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The Mysterious Planet

The Mysterious Planet


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Description for THE MYSTERIOUS PLANET by Lester Del Rey:


Discovered out beyond Pluto, the mysterious planet was at first an astronomical curiosity. Then calculations indicated that its strange orbit would bring it closer to the twice the speed any planet could move.

Wing Nine of the Solar Federation Navy, on its way to investigate the intruding world, encountered a pirate craft armed with unfamiliar weapons, capable of incredible speed, and fleeing toward Planet X. Then more of those strange ships appeared, and the Navy geared up for the first space war.

But Cadet Bob Griffith stubbornly clung to his belief that Earthman and alien could meet peacefully. So, defying orders, he drafted an unstable and spoiled playboy and his space yacht for a last-chance try at stopping Armageddon. For if the might of the Federation met the advanced weaponry of the aliens from Planet X, the inevitable clash would surely destroy all life in the solar system!

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