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The Mysterious Valley

The Mysterious Valley


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Description for THE MYSTERIOUS VALLEY by Christopher O'Brien:

Like other residents of the strage communities of Crestone and the Baca, Christopher O'Brien was drawn to the sacred valley of Native American myth. He was soon compelled to document, in disturbing detail, the inexplicable events unfolding around him and the questions they raised:

What is the truth behind the nightly light show of UFOs pulsing and glowing across the sky? What are the strange rumbling noises coming from underground? What is the origin of a mysterious crystal skull found in the Baca? And most frightening of all, who is responsible for the scores of cattle left bloodless and mutilated in inhuman fashion?

Including fascinating and sometimes frightening first-hand accounts by residents of the area, THE MYSTERIOUS VALLEY reveals the story of one of the most bizarre regions on the face of the earth and its chilling implications for the rest of humanity.

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