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The Nanny

The Nanny


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Deep in the heart of every parent lurks an almost unspeakable fear, a terror that visits the psyche quickly like a shiver on a cold night. But every once in a while, this fear becomes reality--you read about it in the newspaper, see it on television, hear about it in hushed whispers in a hallway.

A family has taken in a stranger, who in turn wreaks havoc and kidnaps a child.

THE NANNY, Dan Greenburg's chilling new novel, tells the story of Phil and Julie Pressman. They are a young couple from Chicago who have everything to gain. They move to New York where Phil plans to set the advertising world on fire and Julie dreams of furnishing the best homes of the best people.

With the birth of their first son, Harry, the next step is to hire a nanny. Into their lives comes Luci, experienced with children and families and blessed with glowing recommendations. A nanny will give Phil and Julie the kind of freedom few new parents possess.

But the price of that freedom proves to be high, for Luci is not what she appears to be. Luci seems the perfect nanny, but beneath the veneer is evil, which slowly but surely reveals itself to Phil. Is it to late to protect his family from the danger?

THE NANNY will remind you vividly of the film STRAW DOGS, which starred Dustin Hoffman, as Phil Pressman fights for his life and the lives of his wife and son against a most ancient and horrifying force.

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