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The Never-Ending War: Terrorism In The 80's

The Never-Ending War: Terrorism In The 80's


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Description for THE NEVER-ENDING WAR: TERRORISM IN THE 80's by Christopher Dobson and Ronald Payne:

A comprehensive guide to terrorism today, THE NEVER-ENDING WAR examines every aspect of this plague of violence that we are faced with. It's all here: from the enigma of the suicide bombers to the recent U.S. counterattack on Libya. Veteran correspondents Ronald Payne and Christopher Dobson draw on more than 40 years' combined journalistic experience to investigate the brand of terrorism practiced in the '80's and how it affects us all.

Factual and comprehensive, this book is essential reading for anyone who want to know the full story behind the relentless war of terror that is so shocking and unbelievable to us all.

THE NEVER-ENDING WAR is fully indexed and contains a "Who's Who" of active terrorist groups as well as a chronology of the major events connected with their activities.

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