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The New Rules For Mortgages

The New Rules For Mortgages


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Description for THE NEW RULES FOR MORTGAGES by Dale Robyn Siegel:

New rules in the housing market call for a new rulebook?

A wealth of info for consumers and mortgage professionals.

In the current credit environment, rules have changed for prospective home buyers?and this book explains them. Beginning with what makes up a FICO score, how to improve that score, and how to show a better credit profile; THE NEW RULES FOR MORTGAGES explains the new credit guidelines that apply to mortgages. It sheds light on issues that can arise with appraisals, title searches, and home in­spections, and provides hard-headed advice. Using real- world examples, it covers the home buying and financing process in every situation, providing tips and exposing secrets that enable readers to improve their current or future position in the housing market.

A must-have for home buyers and homeowners in­terested in refinancing, THE NEW RULES FOR MORTGAGES also belongs on the reference shelves of realtors, financial planners, and attorneys..

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