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The Noah Conspiracy

The Noah Conspiracy

Author: Michael Shaara

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Acceptable

Pages: 223

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Description for THE NOAH CONSPIRACY by Michael Shaara:

Nick tesla landed his light plane with no word from the Jefferson, Georgia, control tower.  No gas truck came out to meet him.  In the city, dogs wandered and birds flew, but no people moved.  There was only the unnerving quiet and the dead, slumped bodies...seventy thousand of them.  After A long day waiting for death to take him too, Nick Tesla flew the hell out of Jefferson.

No bomb had been dropped, no war declared.  Only an odd, barely perceptible current in the air gave a clue to the nightmare that had begun with one man's unselfish dream---Nobel Prize-winning scientist A M Shepherd's dream of curing all suffering and sickness in the world.  When Shepherd had realized his discovery did not cure---it killed, all but a chosen few---he'd stopped his research.  But by then his disciples knew too much...

Now the death zone is expanding.  At the behest of the U S Government, Nick Tesla is going back in, to try to stop the destruction.  Amid a small band of survivors, he will find a seductive new freedom---and a reason to le the killing spread across the globe....

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