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The Nurses

The Nurses


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Description for THE NURSES by Richard Frede:

The doctor's solution to the diseases that afflict Back Bay Metropolitan Hospital is the radical surgery of a strike. But the strike can give the City of Boston the excuse it's looking for to shut down the only hospital that serves the poor of the city. Caught in the middle of this power play are the patients that hospital serves and the nurses who must care for them. And as the strike goes forward, the nurses remain on duty---forced to make decisions that risk careers, relationships, and lives.

Molly Chang, Chief Psychiatric Nurse---Will her new affair with the hospital's director cost her the respect and trust of her colleagues?

Tim Holbrook, Head Nurse, Intensive Care Unit---His wife left him because she believed nursing was no job for a real man. Now he has to choose between his profession and his only son.

Trina Franklin, Psychiatric Nurse---As the tensions of the strike mount, she finds she is needed by her colleagues as well as her patients.

Elin Maki, Adult Nurse Practitioner---Her love for a young medical student leads to the greatest tragedy of her life.

Trevor Davis, Surgical Resident---His supremely refined skill makes him supremely indifferent to human suffering.

Audrey Rosenfeld, Head Nurse---Utterly dedicated and utterly alone, she finds love where she least expected to find it.

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