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The Observatory

The Observatory


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Description for THE OBSERVATORY by Emily Grayson:


Liz Mallory has always lived in the shadow of her glamorous twin sister, Harper, a talented artist who left everything -- including Liz -- behind to become a famous artist. Now, years later, tragedy reunites these estranged women. Reaching out to her sister, Liz moves into Harper's exclusive estate to care for her troubled nephew, Nick.

This act of kindness, however, leads Liz down an unexpected path for it brings her together with the love of her life -- handsome amateur astronomer David Fields. Under the dome of the observatory David calls home, Liz tastes a passion as deep and vast as the night sky. But David is a man with painful secrets that could eclipse this newfound love -- secrets to which Harper holds the key. Can Liz get beyond her own past hurts and reach the stars with David? Does she dare to try? Heaven only knows...

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