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The Offer

The Offer


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Description for THE OFFER by Catherine Coulter:

Dear Reader:

Phillip Mercerault and Sabrina Eversleigh first appeared in AN HONORABLE OFFER, a Regency romance published in 1981. The title has been changed to THE OFFER to reflect its new status as an historical romance, and the novel has been rewritten extensively. The result is a complex, fascinating story with thrilling plot twists and richer characters.

Sabrina Eversleigh runs away from home after her new brother-in-law attempts to rape her. She would surely have died in a blizzard if Phillip Mercerault had not rescued her. He nurses her back to health only to find that he is not a hero. Instead, he's a gentleman who has compromised a lady. Now, there's only one thing left for him to do -- marry her.

But Sabrina turns him down, leaving him completely baffled. However, things don't turn out quite the way Sabrina planned, and it is she, then, who must propose, sweetening the pot with a big dowry and an offer of freedom for Phillip. But what's a husband to do when he knows his bride is afraid of men? And more important, what is the bride to do when she follows her husband to his mistress' lodgings and discovers him on the point of indulging?

Phillip and Sabrina have a long way to go before they can sit amicably at the same table together.

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