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The Old School Dies

The Old School Dies


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Description for THE OLD SCHOOL DIES by Kate Morgan:

SCHOOL DAYS, CRUEL DAYS... No one liked Victor Salgo -- that much was clear. He was pompous and abrasive and rubbed just about everyone the wrong way. But that didn't prevent him from becoming headmaster of Hamilton's prestigious Jefferson School before resigning mid-year in silent haste. Dewey James couldn't believe that the haughty Mr. Salgo slipped away so quietly -- until she realized that the Jefferson School's most famous loudmouth may have been permanently silenced .. .

DEWEY JAMES, DETECTIVE... With a carrot in her handbag for her favorite horse and a twinkle in her eye, small-town librarian Dewey James is a most unlikely sleuth -- but her uncanny instinct for spotting clues ranks her with the most renowned detectives for knowing precisely whodunit ...every time.

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