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The Omicron Legion

The Omicron Legion


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Description for THE OMICRON LEGION by Jon Land:

ATTACK... Deep in the Amazon jungle a terrifying army ravages a top-secret research compound. Then it embarks upon a chilling mission of murder.

ASSASSINATION... In the United States, the world's most highly skilled killers have been assembled. No one can believe that a vast serial assassination is under way--no one, except rogue secret agent Blaine McCracken.

CONSPIRACY OF DEATH... Conceived in the East, nurtured in the Brazilian jungle, primed to strike in America, a diabolical conspiracy of vengeance uncoils into a nightmare of unthinkable consequences. Across the nation, evil's minions wait in the shadows to inflict the death blow to tens of millions.

COUNTDOWN TO DOOM... Blaine McCracken, along with his trusted friend Johnny Wareagle, must confront the most horrifying threat mankind 't has ever faced. It's a worldwide struggle against more than one monstrous conspiracy, and time is running out.

THE OMICRON LEGION... Washington, D.C....Rio de Janeiro...Boston...Philadelphia...Tokyo...All the forces are in place for the titanic battle that may shatter the globe....

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