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The Ordained

The Ordained


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Description for THE ORDAINED by Terence Faherty:


Ex-seminarian Owen Keane, a man still wandering in the circle of his own past, returns to Indiana to attend the parole hearing of a killer he helped convict. Here, in the isolated town of Rapture, Owen is drawn into a mystery with a bizarre twist, and lost visions of faith that shadow his own.

Three people have disappeared. Strange... but stranger still is the legacy of the town, a place populated by a religious sect who believed the world would end in 1844 and the faithful would be delivered bodily into heaven. Has the prophesy come true one hundred and fifty years later ... or is there a more sinister explanation?

As Owen understands too well, truth can be a taunting and endless search, or it can be a cold, stiff body in a shallow grave. It's the latter that has his full attention now.

This is #7 in An Owen Keane Mystery.

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