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The Panorama Egg

The Panorama Egg

Author: A E Silas

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Acceptable

Pages: 224

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Description for THE PANORAMA EGG by A E Silas:


His name was Archer and he thought he was an ordinary man.  The collectors of Panorama eggs knew better.  For Archer was such a collector, and there was a very special find awaiting him:  the panorama egg that contained a world.

He was guided in the use of that incredible master work by the enigmatic grey woman, Mera Melaklos.  That was her name in this everyday world.  But her real name could have been something else beyond this space-time continuum.

For indeed Archer and the grey woman crossed into a world that was not Earth, found they had special roles to play in a land where alternate science reigned and a mission of heroism was the price of existence.

THE PANORAMA EGG is a novel of strange enchantment and mystery, and of a man who wanted and found an end to a humdrum 20th Century Existence.




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