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The Perils Of Sisterhood

The Perils Of Sisterhood


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Description for THE PERILS OF SISTERHOOD by Amy Alden:

Meet Madrid and London La Mira, identical twins, party girls, fashion statements, paparazzi darlings, and the richest pampered princesses who ever carried around a Yorkie in a chartreuse Kate Spade handbag. Thank God they live on opposite coasts and only have to be around each other for three days at Christmas, when their checks are handed out. But not this Christmas. Tired of their outrageous, selfish ways, Maddie and Lonnie's beloved grandmother has issued a decree: become decent, caring, responsible citizens by your 30th birthdays or you'll never get another dime as long as you live. Homeless, broke, and totally clueless, Maddie and London have no one to rely on but each other. Now they're on a mission to get their money back that will take them on a detour through hilarity on the often-bumpy road to redemption...

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