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The Praise Singer

The Praise Singer


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Description for THE PRAISE SINGER by Mary Renault:

In her latest novel of ancient Greece, Mary Renault turns to the world of the poet-the bard who since the time of Homer had sung his verses from memory for the occasions of the court. This is the life of Simonides, who live in sixth-century Greece during the time of the tyrants, the Persian wars, and a great flowering of the arts. With her usual brilliance, Mary Renault builds on the little source materials available and transforms it into a rich and full re-creation of the world of ancient art.

It is on Keos that the boy Simonides follows a sign from Apillo and fins his master and teacher, Kleobis, the Bard. He accompanies him to Samos, where, amidst the rich and colorful life of that island, he carries out his apprenticeship.

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