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The Priceless Gift

The Priceless Gift


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Description for THE PRICELESS GIFT: THE POEMS OF HELEN STEINER RICE: A fond recollection by Fred Bauer:

For more than two decades Helen Steiner Rice was the world's most beloved inspirational poet. An though her pen has been stilled, the beautiful verses she left will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

This special new volume features scores of inspiring verses (some of them never published before) from among the thousands of poems Helen Steiner Rice wrote during her long career, each selected the the poet herself or Fred Bauer. Man of them---like the title poem itself---are joyous celebrations of the incredible gift God gave us in Jesus Christ. Others are simply messages of God's love that have the power to inspire and comfort in any season.

In the final months of her life, Mrs. Rice asked Fred Bauer---the gifted former "Guideposts " editor who co-authored her best-selling autobiography, IN THE VINEYARD OF THE LORD---to help her share a lasting gift with her millions of readers by putting together, out of all her lifetime of work the verses that meant the most to her.

So the two friends set out on what was to be an exceptionally fruitful undertaking. And as they worked, a very special king of book began to take shape, one that will surely be a cherished classic for everyone who has ever been moved by a Helen Steiner Rice poem.

THE PRICELESS GIFT was completed by Fred Bauer after Mrs. Rice's death in 1981; and he has added his own fond remembrances in prose and verse...weaving a moving and unforgettable portrait of the spirited lady whose words have brought hope to so many.

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