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The Prince Of Nantucket

The Prince Of Nantucket


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Description for THE PRINCE OF NANTUCKET by Jan Goldstein:

The heartwarming story of a man primed to go far in life, who first must find his way home ,P> Teddy is a successful Los Angeles lawyer whose charm and political skills have made him a leading U.S. Senate candidate. But behind the golden public persona lie some darker truths: his teenage daughter has barely spoken to him since his divorce from her mother and he has long been bitterly estranged from his own mother.

When his sister asks Teddy to come back to Nantucket before Alzheimer's steals their mother's mind entirely, his campaign manager sees it as the perfect opportunity for a mother-son photo op, and Teddy reluctantly agrees to the trip.

Once on Nantucket, Teddy struggles with his mother's illness and his daughter's disdain, uncovers some stunning family secrets, and meets a woman who challenges everything he thought he understood about relationships -- unexpectedly finding the life he never knew he wanted.

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