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The Proposition

The Proposition


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Description for THE PROPOSITION by Cara Summers:

He propositioned one woman. He got three.

Natalie, the fiery redhead

Agent Chance Mitchell had craved strong, sexy Natalie Gibbs since they'd worked together undercover. So he made her a proposition the lady cop couldn't refuse: all the pleasure she could handle. But only for one night.

Rachel, the seductress

The next time Chance saw Natalie, she'd disguised herself as "Rachel Cade." When the blond bombshell boldly seduced him, he couldn't say no. But Chance had planned to convince Natalie to help him find a stolen diamond. So he asked "Rachel" instead.

Calli, the sex kitten

For the case, Chance needed Natalie to pose as "Calli," a supermodel sexpot. Now he never knew which woman he was in bed with! And, worst of all, he wasn't willing to give up any of them....

Harlequin Blaze #184, May, 2005.

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