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The Questioning Miss Quinton

The Questioning Miss Quinton


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Description for THE QUESTIONING MISS QUINTON by Kasey Michaels:


The late Professor Quennel Quinton never had been the most affectionate of fathers. Nevertheless, his daughter Victoria is determined to find out who killed him. Her single clue: a valuable snuffbox bearing the initials "PS" But making the acquaintance of the various wealthy gentlemen with the damning initials would necessitate becoming socially accepted. Not an easy task for a penniless orphan raised in a scholarly environment.

Enter Patrick Sherbourne, a devilishly handsome lord, all too anxious to grace her entrance into society. With Patrick at her side, Victoria makes the acquaintance of three more "PS" gentlemen. But, much to her dismay, the evidence seems destined to point right in the direction of the irresistible lord who has completely captured her heart.

Harlequin Regency, March, 2002.

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