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The Raider

The Raider


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Description for THE RAIDER by Jude Deveraux:

Returning to Warbrooke, Maine, after ten years abroad, Alexander Montgomery doesn't like what he sees. Redcoats are running rampant over the town, intimidating citizens and imprisoning patriots. Alexander vows to take action. By day, padding his coats, he's the fat, foppish fool devoted to drink and indolence. By night, masked, astride a black horse, he's the fearless Raider, striking terror into the hated Redcoats.

What Alexander hasn't counted on is his childhood friend Jessica Taggert, who's grown into a beautiful and sensuous woman. Jessica despises the coward she thinks Alexander has become, but she thrills to the midnight kisses of the Raider. Then Jessica's home is destroyed by the British and she must marry for protection.

This is #6 in The Montgomery Series.

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