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The Rains Of Eridan

The Rains Of Eridan


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Description for THE RAINS OF ERIDAN by H M Hoover:


Hope prevailed in the scientific experimental station on the planet Eridan. Hope for new lands, a new life, and a promising future. Hope for peace and prosperity at last in the year 2763.

But then began a series of inexplicable and horrifying events---

A mutiny raged through Base I, inaugurating an administration of violence and leaving Karen Orlov orphaned and homeless, wandering alone through the hills until rescued by biologist Theo Leslie.

A massacre rocked Base III, as Theo and Karen returned from the hills. An unnameable fear gripped the inhabitants of Eridan and drove them into greedy discord.

And then the rains came. The rains that awakened the ultimate terror that none of them could have foreseen.

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