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The Rancher Takes A Wife

The Rancher Takes A Wife


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Description for THE RANCHER TAKES A WIFE by Sylvia McDaniel:

In a rugged Texas frontier town, a crafty widow sets out to find wives for her unruly brood of handsome sons.


Erotic spiritualist Rose Severin has everyone in Forth Worth, Texas, convinced she can speak to the dead. Everyone but Travis Burnett, a brusque rancher who's determined to rid the town of charlatans like her--until he finds himself outfoxed by his own mother. Little does he know, Eugenia Burnett has decided it's time her wayward eldest son took a bride, and the fiery Rose is just the woman for his headstrong heart. When Eugenia tricks him into putting the young woman under house arrest at the family ranch, Travis discovers that Rose is much more than a pretty hoax. In fact, she just might be the woman of his dreams.

This is #1 in The Burnett Brides Series.

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