The Rancher's Hand-Picked Bride

The Rancher's Hand-Picked Bride


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Description for THE RANCHER'S HAND-PICKED BRIDE by Elizabeth August:

Gwen Murphy, once the girl from the ranch next door, owed her aging Apache neighbor big-time. But deploy her private-investigator skills to a find a wife for Morning Hawk's great-grandson? And move into his home to do so? Dang it! For years, virile Jess Logan had stirred feelings celibate Gwen wanted no part of.

Once under Jess's roof -- and his amused masculine scrutiny -- Gwen did her best to procure him a spouse. Or did she? For Texas heat scorched her whenever Jess was near, melting her lifelong icy grudge against men. Finally she saw her heart could be whole, if only she could find the courage to let Jess claim her as his woman.

Silhouette Romance #1656, April, 2003.

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