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The Redwyck Charm

The Redwyck Charm


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Description for THE REDWYCK CHARM by Elena Greene:

Simply Irresistible

Marcus Redwyck, seventh Earl of Amberly, doesn't fancy arranged marriages. But his family's fortunes depend on a quick Juliana Hutton, an heiress known for rejecting all her suitors. But after their first meeting is postponed due to "illness," there seems no harm in his going to the theater to see an opera-dancer who is the latest rage...

It's not as if Redwyck would ever do anything more than look. And, besides, none of the young bucks has yet won the favor of the famous and mysterious Mademoiselle Juliette Lamont--whose beauty is perfection itself.

But unbeknownst to him, Miss Hutton is in the midst of an adventure of her own. One designed to determine whether the man to whom her grandfather has promised her hand is worthy of her love--or the sort of fortune-hunting cad who would neglect his wife in pursuit of the loveliest opera-dancer imaginable...

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