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The Reflecting Sky

The Reflecting Sky


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Description for THE REFLECTING SKY by S J Rozan:

And now the celebrated master of mystery turns her keen eye to the bustling, crowded streets of Hong Kong, where nothing is as it seems...

It's a great honor when Grandfather Gao, a family friend and elder in New York's Chinatown community, asks Lydia Chin and her partner Bill Smith to go to Hong Kong to deliver the ashes of an old friend for burial, a letter from that friend to his brother, and a valuable jade figurine for the friend's seven-year-old grandson. But why would Grandfather Gao choose a P.I., much less two, for such a simple mission? Lydia and Bill have even more questions when they arrive in Hong Kong and find the son's apartment ransacked--and the grandson missing. When two separate ransom demands are issued and the family tries to freeze them out, Lydia and Bill must try to solve a puzzle that seems to bear the unmistakable stamp of the Triads as they soon find themselves thrust headlong into the Hong Kong underworld where death is a way of life...

This is #7 in A Lydia Chin/Bill Smith Mystery.

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