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The Revelation

The Revelation


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Description for THE REVELATION by Jean Grant:

Just before Thanksgiving, violent tremors shake David and Pam Cristman's tiny ranch in California. An Earthquake, they think. Nothing more.

But soon other cataclysmic events begin to occur. Tidal waves swallow beaches. Hail and electrical storms rain terror from the skies. And TV newscasters report that a giant comet is on a collision course with Earth:

But it's the change among people that most unnerves David and Pam Cristman. Many nearby townspeople begin to turn on one another, and new political leaders take over with such confidence and charisma that few notice the evil around them. As the Cristmans let a small group of friends take refuge at their ranch, they begin a frightful quest to try and decipher the events of the times.

Caught up in the crossfire of an unprecedented number of political upheavals and natural disasters, those at the Cristman ranch must ask themselves the unthinkable:

Could they actually be witnessing the Final Days? Will they be forced to face the ultimate test of their faith?

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