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The Ride To Dinah's Wedding

The Ride To Dinah's Wedding

Author: Ann Kline

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Very Good


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Description for THE RIDE TO DINAH'S WEDDING by Ann Kline:

Ever since swallowing a butterfly as a child, Dinah Lee felt destined for something extraordinary. She thinks that "something" is Woodrow Monroe...but Woody borrows $5000 from his cousin Seth for the wedding then leaves Dinah at the altar. It takes him three months, but Seth finds the lying, swamp-sucking snake. Now, climbing into Seth's monstrous black pickup to go after him, Dinah is about to embark on the wildest goose chase ever--a quest from Jacksonville, Florida to Spokane, Washington, with a curse, chocolate turtles, a couple of fat, bald Cajuns, a sheriff, a very smart rooster, and best of all, true love at the end.

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