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The Right Choice

The Right Choice


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Description for THE RIGHT CHOICE by Carly Phillips as written by Karen Drogin:


Advice columnist Carly Wexler is planning her wedding the same way she has planned her life--perfectly, with no room for loose ends or real passion. Though her heart doesn't leap when she thinks of her fiance, she's certain this union is for the best. Until she meets sexy photojournalist Mike Novack, who is everything she's tried to, passionate, and forbidden.


Mike tells himself that the beautiful Carly is off-limits. But each precious moment he spends with his brother's bride-to-be convinces him that she's marrying the wrong guy for the wrong reasons. What the misguided beauty really needs is a man to sweep her off her feet before she makes the biggest mistake of her life. And with only one week left before the wedding, he's got to make sure he is that man.

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