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The Royal MacAllister

The Royal MacAllister


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Description for THE ROYAL MACALLISTER by Joan Elliott Pickart:

Born a triplet -- and eternally uncertain of her individual identity -- Alice MacAllister avoided family gatherings like the plague. Until duty demanded she attend a two-week wedding party, complete with visiting royalty.

There, Alice met handsome, irreverent royal Brent Bardow, who tickled her funny bone, seduced her out of her shell and almost made her believe she could find herself in his blue, blue eyes. Well, what the heck? For two short weeks they could laugh, love and ignore the future they'd never have. But running out of time, Alice couldn't help wondering what it would be like to be this magnificent man's royal bride....

The Baby Bet: MacAllister's Gifts

Silhouette Special Edition #1477, July, 2002.

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