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The Ruthless Realtor Murders

The Ruthless Realtor Murders


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Description for THE RUTHLESS REALTOR MURDERS by David A Kaufelt:

Everyone's life in Waggs Neck Harbor revolves around real estate, and savvy Realtor and occasional sleuth Wyn Lewis is no exception. But in the recent rush to fill potato fields with multimillion-dollar condos, only a few have managed to come out flush every time. One of them is the wily Wyn. The other three have turned up dead.

Now that it's open house on successful Realtors, Wyn tries to defend herself--and her profession's dwindling ranks--by solving the murders on her own. But when another Realtor is garroted, and Wyn finds some pantyhose obscenely wrapped around her steering wheel, she's convinced that she's next. Hesitant to place her life in the charge of headline chaser Lieutenant Pasko, Wyn reluctantly agrees to act as bait to force the killer's hand--and realizes that she must now make the biggest close of her life....

This is #3 in Wyn Lewis series.

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