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The Sage

The Sage


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Description for THE SAGE by Christopher Stasheff:


Ages ago, Ohaern had toppled the fearsome Ulahane from the tyrant's throne. His reward had been the goddess Rahani --and the years had spun away blissfully.

Now humankind had fallen beneath the heel of Ulahane's son Bolenkar. Tenderhearted Rahani assigned her champion to save the world again, but the years had sapped Ohaern's mortal strength. He could guide the fight, for his craft and wisdom remained intact. But a younger man must strike the killing blow.

Like a smith seeking to craft a sword, Ohaern sought the raw material from which to shape a hero. He chose an outcast bully: a scoundrel, despicable and lazy--but one who might be shaped into something better. The fire in which this hero would be forged would cleanse the filth from his soul, leaving only what was fine and sharp. Whether he could topple a godling, only mortal combat would decide...

This is #2 in Star Stone Series.

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