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The Second Perimeter

The Second Perimeter

Author: Mike Lawson

Book Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 323

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Description for THE SECOND PERIMETER by Mike Lawson:

Joe DeMarco, a political gunslinger and trouble-shooter for John Mahoney, the conniving Speaker of the House, is asked to investigate what appears to be a minor case of fraud at a U.S. naval base. DeMarco discovers instead that an Asian espionage ring is stealing top secret data on nuclear submarines and that their leader, a deadly female spy, has a personal vendetta against DeMarco's friend and advisor, Emma, a retired DIA agent. DeMarco is in over his head, outwitted at every turn by people more lethal than any he's ever encountered, and he doubts that he'll be able to protect America's secrets or keep himself and his friend alive.

This is #3 in A Joe DeMarco Thriller.

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