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The Seduction Of Peter S

The Seduction Of Peter S


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Description for THE SEDUCTION OF PETER S. by Lawrence Sanders:

"It's only in books and plays and movies that people have one motive. In real life, we have a dozen..." Which makes it hard to pin on the guilt or see the violence coming, as Peter Scuro, protagonist of Lawrence Sander's new cautionary thriller, is soon to find out.

An out-of-work actor who's been around New York a little too long not to have made it, Peter keeps hoping for the big break. But when it comes, it isn't via the Shubert Organization or the Merrick office. It's in the person of a lady of mystery who's taken a shine to Peter---and is willing to pay to consummate it.

Almost overnight, Peter finds himself sitting pretty---as co-producer and casting director for a crew of male performers whose stage is the bedroom and whose leading lady changes with ever "scene."

No matter that his girl friend rejects him on moral grounds. No matter that the Mob is moving in on his enterprise. No matter that a net of corruption and potential horror is tightening around him. Peter's still on the top of the world and happy at last---until the day fate walks on the stage, and the fireworks begin.

Luxury and murder, lust and lvoe: a heady brew, brimming with suspense and erotic surprise. THE SEDUCTION OF PETER S. Shocking. Scary. Provocative. Vintage Lawrence Sanders.

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