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The Sinner's Tale

The Sinner's Tale


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Description for THE SINNER'S TALE by Will Davenport:


Raised in a remote English village, Beth Battock is now a beautiful and ambitious rising star in British politics and a champion of America?ÇÖs call to arms. But when a tawdry scandal threatens to destroy her career, Beth is forced to return to the one place no one will find her: Slapton, the provincial hometown she?ÇÖs kept secret?Çôand to the relatives she?ÇÖs claimed are dead. There, sheltered by a constancy that both comforts and repels her, she discovers the enchanting tale of Sir Guy de Bryan. More than six hundred years later, his sweeping epic of the havoc wrought by war becomes a story for the present day. His love for a woman becomes the story of love itself. And as Beth becomes absorbed by his passions, his pain?Çôand the mystery behind his fervent last wish?Çôthe shadows of the past begin shifting around her. From them will emerge the key to her restless spirit, the astounding truth of her own ancestry?Çôand the powerful message a repentant knight once left behind that will challenge her deepest views.

Drawing from tantalizing historical fact, and echoing our most enduring classic tales of adventure and romance, this richly textured novel brilliantly blends history with current events, and offers unforgettable insights into the complexities of the human condition.

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