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The Sitter

The Sitter


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Description for THE SITTER by R L Stine:

Master of chilling suspense R. L. Stine proves that you never outgrow a good scare. If he frightened you then, he?ÇÖll terrify you now. . . .

Ellie Saks is dying to escape the city. She?ÇÖs sick of dead-end jobs, her mother?ÇÖs disapproval, her loser ex-boyfriend, Clay, who won?ÇÖt take a hint, and the memories of a terrible incident that occurred years ago. When her best friend suggests a summer in the Hamptons, full of glitzy parties, cool cocktails, and hot dates, Ellie?ÇÖs on the first Jitney out. To fund all this glamour, Ellie takes a job as a nanny.

From the outside, the family?ÇÖs beachfront home is perfect. But then Ellie meets four-year-old Brandon, who hasn?ÇÖt spoken for months. The boy?ÇÖs icy stare and demonic laughter make clear to Ellie that he is troubled, haunted by something too horrible for words.

She begins to receive threatening messages and disturbing gifts. But it?ÇÖs not until she barely escapes a harrowing experience that she realizes her life may depend on figuring out who?ÇÖs behind it: Clay? Brandon? And why? And every once in a while, in a crowd, she sees a face she hasn?ÇÖt seen in seven years?Çöthe face of a boy who died long ago. It would seem that Ellie?ÇÖs summer of fun has turned into a summer of horror?Çöone she?ÇÖll never forget . . . if she survives it at all.

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