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The Skull Beneath The Skin

The Skull Beneath The Skin


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Description for THE SKULL BENEATH THE SKIN by P D James:

Actress Clarissa Lisle was famous for her ravishing beauty--and her unscrupulous manipulations. Now on the death-shrouded island of Courcy, her schemes win her a starring role in a nightmare in which she can trust no one--not her deceived husband; her dangerously insecure stepson; her ominously genial host; her dependent, desperate cousin; or her cruelly amusing ex-lover.

Soon detective Cordelia Gray will find that nothing is as it seems on Courcy--especially after the curtain goes down. Here she must delve into ancient secrets and guilt-stained pasts--and risk her life to stop a brilliantly cunning murderer who has set the stage for death...

This is #2 in Cordelia Gray Series.

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