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The Solitary Envoy

The Solitary Envoy


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Description for THE SOLITARY ENVOY by T Davis Bunn & Isabella Bunn:

Erica Langston’s comfortable home and loving family carry no outward hint of sorrows and fears faced by her Acadian forebears, but she soon discovers that similar determination and fortitude will be required of her. When the British invade the fledgling nation called the United States and march into Washington, leaving death and destruction in their wake, Erica is left to deal with the creditors circling around the crumbling family business. It seems her only recourse is to travel to England to collect on outstanding debts held by corrupt bankers.

Erica’s voyage to England in only the beginning of a much more significant journey. Her position with the family of a U.S. diplomat in the Court of St. James puts her in contact with a social reformer who introduces her to something she never anticipated … a reformation of the heart.

This is #1 in Heirs Of Acadia Series.

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