The Spiderwick Chronicles: Troll Trouble

The Spiderwick Chronicles: Troll Trouble


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Description of THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES: TROLL TROUBLE by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black:

Dear Reader,

One day we were doing a group signing at a large bookstore, when the signing was over a clerk approached us. He said that there had been a letter left for us. When we inquired which one of us, we were surprised by his answer.

"Both of you," he said.

That letter changed our lives. It was from three children who claimed, "we know about real faeries. In fact, we know a lot about them."

What has happened to us since we read their letter is hard to describe. We have been plunged into a world we never quite believed in.

One particularly thrilling part of their tale is recounted here along with a story that wasn't discovered until after the original Spiderwick books had been published. There's much you need to know, so read carefully. There is an invisible world around us and we hope that you, dear reader, will open your eyes to it. DiTerlizzi and Black

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